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The Snow's Meltdown

Calvin Snow is the only child of Pastor and First Lady Snow and their family is very influential within their community. Calvin has everything that he could possible want, but soon realizes that giving his wife Katrina the child that she so desperately wants would be harder than he ever imagine. Pastor and Lady Snow try to be there for them, but struggle with their own problems and martial secrets. Lady Snow starts to see her family crumble before her own eyes and tries to hold everyone together, but the truth hurts. Will this family be able to handle their own "Meltdown?"

The Snow's Meltdown- Introduction

My Name is Calvin Snow Jr., son of Pastor Calvin Snow Sr. and Lady Rose Snow.  I never thought that this would be my life, but it is.  I can’t forgive myself for what I did to my wife and the pain is unbearable.  Don’t judge me; you've been where I am before…..I just can’t take it anymore.  One day my life was fine, and then the next day God changed everything.  If he really loves me, then why won’t he do something?  My thoughts are literally driving me crazy and it hurts too much to live with this pain. That’s why I have decided to take me life.

"The Snow's Meltdown"- Chapter 1 (uncut, unedited)

Chapter 1
Anniversary Gift

alvin has been nervous all day and knew that Katrina would be thrilled when he reveals to her the ultimate anniversary gift.
            “You better hurry home Mr. Calvin”, yelled his assistance Clarissa from the next room, as she hung up the phone with Katrina his beautiful wife whom he’s met in college.
“So Mr. Calvin how many years has it been now since you and Ms. Katrina jumped the broom?, asked Clarissa.
“ It’s been six years, can you believe it? answered Calvin.I only hope that we can make it to 45 years like my parents. Thank you for locking up for me Clarissa, I’ll see you on Monday.If Katrina happens the callback, can you let her know I’ve already left? As he said jokingly one is way out the door.
Calvin open the door to his Mercedes-Benz CLS550, and all he could think about was getting home to Katrina. It’s been a long six years and he knew the perfect anniversary gift to give her. As Calvin drove slower than the speed limit he found a fluttering but…