Layers of a Woman

Layers of a Woman
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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Snow's Meltdown

Calvin Snow is the only child of Pastor and First Lady Snow and their family is very influential within their community. Calvin has everything that he could possible want, but soon realizes that giving his wife Katrina the child that she so desperately wants would be harder than he ever imagine. Pastor and Lady Snow try to be there for them, but struggle with their own problems and martial secrets. Lady Snow starts to see her family crumble before her own eyes and tries to hold everyone together, but the truth hurts. Will this family be able to handle their own "Meltdown?"

The Snow's Meltdown- Introduction


My Name is Calvin Snow Jr., son of Pastor Calvin Snow Sr. and Lady Rose Snow.  I never thought that this would be my life, but it is.  I can’t forgive myself for what I did to my wife and the pain is unbearable.  Don’t judge me; you've been where I am before…..I just can’t take it anymore.  One day my life was fine, and then the next day God changed everything.  If he really loves me, then why won’t he do something?  My thoughts are literally driving me crazy and it hurts too much to live with this pain. That’s why I have decided to take me life. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"The Snow's Meltdown"- Chapter 1 (uncut, unedited)

Chapter 1

Anniversary Gift



alvin has been nervous all day and knew that Katrina would be thrilled when he reveals to her the ultimate anniversary gift.

            “You better hurry home Mr. Calvin”, yelled his assistance Clarissa from the next room, as she hung up the phone with Katrina his beautiful wife whom he’s met in college.

            “So Mr. Calvin how many years has it been now since you and Ms. Katrina jumped the broom?, asked Clarissa.

            “ It’s been six years, can you believe it? answered Calvin.  I only hope that we can make it to 45 years like my parents. Thank you for locking up for me Clarissa, I’ll see you on Monday.  If Katrina happens the callback, can you let her know I’ve already left? As he said jokingly one is way out the door.

Calvin open the door to his Mercedes-Benz CLS550, and all he could think about was getting home to Katrina. It’s been a long six years and he knew the perfect anniversary gift to give her. As Calvin drove slower than the speed limit he found a fluttering butterfly feeling at the bottom pit of his stomach as he could not believe the gift he was going to reveal to his wife.  It seemed as if every red light has stopped him, taken him longer than usual to get home.  He knew Katrina was dressed and waiting for him to arrive so that they could to go to their favorite restaurant.  Calvin had been taking Katrina to this restaurant since their freshman year in college.  When Calvin met Katrina he wanted to really impress her by taking her to the finest restaurant in town.  In college Calvin had little funds as his parents kept him on a very strict budget.  Calvin’s parents Pastor Snow and First Lady Snow were what you call old-school parents.  They were very wealthy but believed Calvin should earn his own way.  They provided for Calvin while he was in college, but gave him the bare necessities to survive college life.  When Calvin mentioned Katrina to his parents, Pastor Snow realized that this girl was someone special  and suggested that Calvin take her to the finest restaurant.  Calvin remembered explaining to his father that that was not possible due to his funds or lack thereof.  First Lady Snow smiled and gently said, son this one’s on us.

When Calvin started to reminisce on the first date time started to go by fast and before he knew it he was pulling up to their home.  Katrina greeted him at the door with a smile on her face, dressed and ready to go. 
            "Honey I didn’t mean to call you at work but also excited about our anniversary,  I didn’t want you to get caught up with work and forget about the time," she explained. 
Calvin gently grabbed her by the chin and gave firstly passionate kiss, interrupting her as she tried to further explain.  Katrina knew that when she called the office looking for him, it sometimes frustrated him, if he was in the middle of the closing.  As a mortgage broker he worked very long hours, and wanted very little interruptions throughout his day so that he could hurry home each night and leave work behind.  Katrina was surprisingly shocked that he didn’t even care about her calling several times earlier in the day.  Although Calvin always tried to at least call her once a day to say he loved her once he had a free moment.  Calvin’s work schedule has been so hectic since they’ve been married and he knew that tonight would change things forever.  As Katrina opened her eyes from being kissed she could tell by Calvin’s demeanor that he was very nervous. 
                "Calvin honey what’s wrong?" she asked in a concerned voice.  Calvin did not want to hesitate any further, he began to bite his bottom lip, and grab Katrina by the hand.  As he grabbed Katrina’s hands she noticed how sweaty his palms were and it reminded her of the day he propose.  Calvin began a look Katrina and her eyes and told her that their plans were going to change for the evening and that they were no longer going to go to their favorite restaurant . Katrina looked confused and waited patiently to see what Calvin was going to say next.  Calvin then began to close his eyes and swallowed, preparing himself for what he was about to disclose. 
                  "Katrina baby, I love you so much and I thank you for being patient with me.  You know I have been working long hours and my desire is to take care of you.  You’ve been very understanding and I know that you've been ready for a long time" and then he paused.  Calvin proceeded to say,
                   "You’ve waited a long time for us to start our family and today I have no gift to give you that could express the love that I felt over these past six years, so I decided to show you my love and today’s the day I would like to start preparing for our family.  So Katrina if you don’t mind, I would like to stay home tonight with my wife and soon-to-be mother of my child."
 Calvin then let go of Katrina hand and began to wipe her tears with the back of his hand. 
                   “Katrina, I also know that you would like another house that’s more fit for small children. Well let’s do it baby.  Let’s buy that house that our children can run around in.” 
There were so many tears flowing down Katrina’s face, that when Calvin wiped her tears away they ran down the back of his hand and down his arm.  Katrina could not believe what she was hearing,  Calvin had always talked about starting a family but she began to wonder if he was just saying that to keep her.  It seemed like he always making an excuse why it was always the wrong time.  And trust me, it was always the wrong time.  Katrina was starting to give up and it had gotten to the point that she hadn't even mention having children for the last three years.  Every time Calvin’s parents would come by to visit, they always mention wanting grandchildren and Katrina could tell by looking at Calvin how uncomfortable that made him feel.  Katrina was puzzled and wondered what changed Calvin’s mind.  As quickly as she started to brainstorm about the shift in Calvin change in his mind she then checked herself and decided that it didn’t matter.


                        "Who’s calling at 6 o’clock in the morning?" Katrina whispered in Calvin’s ear as she got up to the phone ringing, realizing that the phone wasn’t going to stop ringing.             
                        "Hello, Katrina", answered in an exhausted voice. 
                        "Well good morning Katrina!" Lady Snow said sweetly on the other end of the phone. 
                          " I know it’s early, but we wanted to be the first to say Happy Anniversary to you and Calvin."  Katrina laughed pointing to the phone gesturing with her mouth to Calvin,
                          "It’s your parents on the phone," as she heard Pastor Sow in the background singing "It’s Your Anniversary."   Still laughing Katrina passed the phone to Calvin. 
                           "Hey Mom, why are you up so early?"
                           " Well me and your father wanted to be the first to wish you and Katrina a Happy Anniversary", she said proudly. 
                           "Thank you Mom, but our anniversary was yesterday."
                            "Honey I'm so sorry, I just got my days mixed up.  I’ve just been so tired lately please forgive me."
                            "Of course I forgive you Mom. I know that you and dad have a lot of your plates."  Calvin sighs. 
                              "Mom I dread asking you this, but how have you really been feeling?"  Lady Snow never wanted her son to worry about her, so she replied with the same old answer.
                              “ Baby boy you know I’m going to be okay”.  Calvin replied.
                              “Of course you are mama, you’re Lady Snow and one day very soon we’re going to  make you a grandmother."  Lady Snow couldn’t believe it– she screamed to the top of her lungs.
                             “ Calvin you're lying” are you for real?"
                              " Yes Ma’am mama! Katrina and I decided last night. 
                               "My God my God, yelled Lady Snow, God sure does answer prayers". 
With tears streaming down her face, she was delighted to know that maybe she had a chance to live long enough to see her first grandchild.  As Calvin hung up the phone, he knew that his mother was ecstatic.  What he didn’t know, is that her health was steadily declining and the reality of her seeing her grandchild was slim.