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Don't trust your feelings.

Stop allowing your feelings to tell you how to feel. They will deceive you and make you view things irrationally. I stead guide your mind and your heart. "The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?" (Jeremiah 17:9 NLT. We have all heard the saying, " Follow your heart" well some of us have learned that the Bible was indeed right, we need to lead our hearts. The world will tell you to do things backwards and in doing so, you'll always be mislead. Get out of your feelings and into the Word of God. Just think how any affairs occurs simply because people were fellowing their hearts instead of leading it.

Marita Kinney

Sunday Service

When I was being brought up in church, I was used to being there ALL day. It's not the amount of time you sent there, It's what you walk with that matters. Quality vs quantity has always been a debate amongst most people. However, it's true, people want to feel informed, inspired, and encouraged.

Today I was late to church ...again, lol. Of course getting 6 kids ready for church is no excuse, but hey such is life. By the way, thank you Demoine for always cooking us breakfast and making everything a team effort. Well back to my point. We were only in church for 30 minutes and was full from "The Word." There was no shouting for an hour etc. Don't get me wrong, I love praise and worship. Besides, I bring my praise with me. I'm just being honest in the fact that church can be a source of entertainment to some Christians. But it's good to know that I have grown spiritually, can digest the Word of God, and really get spiritually fed without being in chu…

My "Wow" Moment

It's amazing because I'm learning how to become an author after I've written my first I went to college and majored in Business, I was not an English major. I had no idea that I'd become a writer. I feel like God has given me the shoes to grow into, although I'm aware that there still too big. Sometimes God will show men things in metaphors. He showed me that I also do the same thing for my children. I don't wait until they out grow their clothes, I notice what size their " about to need."

I was really discouraged why I read some of my reviews for my latest book. Then. Was reminded of my purpose. If my book reached one person and encouraged them, then I knew that it was not written in vein. To God be the work was done. I'm humbled to be able to minister in this way. I read an article to help improve my writing and was encouraged by this one statement, "To become a great writer, you must have the courage to mak…