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Christians: Aren't you tired of having the world stand strong on their beliefs and trying to set the standards for our nation? We need a revival! Many of us believers have become immune to the deviant behavior of our neighbors. Are you praying or are you gossiping about them? Society is trying to tell our children what acceptable behavior is. The devil is lie.
Parents are you living the life that you're teaching your children to live? I refuse to teach my children CHURCH. I refuse to teach my children RELIGION! I will teach them about having a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ and to be an EXAMPLE. My relationship with Christ doesn't stop on Sunday's.... but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.....The world can literally Go to HELL without me.

Be Encouraged!


Forgiveness is tough, especially when a loved one is murdered. It took me six years to forgive the people involved in my brother's death which left me as my mother's only living child. But I thank God that through the POWER of the Holy Spirit....I am free from the bondage that hate once had on me. Who do you need to forgive.