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Life is life. It doesn't stop or have knowledge of all the other events that occur daily. It just happens! Life, death, disappointments, and accomplishments. Life is life. However how you prepare and react to your life matters. You cannot sit on the side lines and throw yourself a pity party. Life will pass you by if you're not actively participating. It's like a parade. You can either be in the parade, waving, smiling, and having a good time, or on the side lines picking up candy from the ground as a spectator. 

This week has been awful for me yet joyous. Does this sound familiar? It can be the best and worst time of your life all at the same time. One of my closest friends was killed in a car accident , my aunt died, my middle daughter had surgery on you mouth, yet I landed a huge contract with a celebrity client. Really life, really? Yes that's life for you. You must learn when to mourn, when to laugh, and when to push through your pain to get to the other side of …

Kinney Girls

My girls are such a blessing and I learn more about myself through raising them. All four girls competed in a beauty pageant yesterday and they were amazing. They weren't caught up on the hype, they just wanted to have fun. I really enjoyed being there with them and watching them create memories together. My husband was "Pageant Dad". He was wonderful. He didn't get frustrated with us one time.....That's amazing considering we had a total of 16 dresses, suitcases, and was dead in the middle of potty training our youngest daughter.

But we made it!!! AND.. I'm proud to say that our youngest is now completely potty trained. Praise God!

How to Encourage Yourself

Life can be overwhelming sometimes and
you could fall into depression if you lack daily encouragement. It’s easier to
stay encouraged than to pull yourself out from depression. Most of us agree that
preventive maintenance is better than digging yourself out from being depressed
or discouraged. There are many benefits to having a positive attitude and being
encouraged especially when you’re experiencing hard times. Lack of encouragement
can cause some women to feel rejected, insignificant, and under-appreciated. I
must inform you that if you’re seeking outside validation then you may become
disappointed each time. You have to search within yourself and pull out that
inner strength of knowing your worth and value. It’s dangerous to sit around and
wait for other people to affirm you. What if no one takes the time to encourage
you? When you chose to hand over that control to someone else, your happiness is
placed in the palm of their hand and you become the victim if they fail to meet
Hello World! Sorry that I haven't been blogging in a while, however I've been extremely productive! My husband and I have just started a ministry in Bishopville, Sc. It's been an amazing journey and I look forward to what God is doing. He is so worthy to be praised! Being a blessing to this community makes our relocation well worth it. Please be sure to visit our ministries website and stop by if you're ever in town. and

I haven't forgotten about you guys...I promise! Now that things have slowed down, I'll be blogging more, writing more books, and being creative!

My New Logo!!!!

I'm so excited to share with you all my new logo. God has placed it on my heart to discuss the many layers of a woman. I have been pondering on this for over a year and now it's time to stop pondering and begin to encourage the average woman who discovers that she is far from being average.

Life As a Mom!!!

So as women we have to daily prioritize. Now this would be great to have a consistent list of things to do. However, if you’re anything like me, your list of priorities and task change daily. I sometimes wake up and have my day planned out in my head…in my head lol. My head is not always in tune with my reality.

If you understand my struggle then at least type “Amen” lol. Well yesterday I was suppose to clean the house, do laundry, and work on my new book. Instead it started off with me dealing with my 15 yr old son who believes that I don’t know what it’s like to be a Then the dryer decided to stop working, my oldest daughter woke up with pink eye, and my 2yr daughter keeps peeing on the floor instead of in her potty. Yes, this is a typical day for me. Just as I was adapting to my new priority list, I received a call from middle daughter’s school. Someone accidently pushed her into the desk and was told by the school nurse that she needed stiches. Did I mention that t…