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Life is life. It doesn't stop or have knowledge of all the other events that occur daily. It just happens! Life, death, disappointments, and accomplishments. Life is life. However how you prepare and react to your life matters. You cannot sit on the side lines and throw yourself a pity party. Life will pass you by if you're not actively participating. It's like a parade. You can either be in the parade, waving, smiling, and having a good time, or on the side lines picking up candy from the ground as a spectator. 

This week has been awful for me yet joyous. Does this sound familiar? It can be the best and worst time of your life all at the same time. One of my closest friends was killed in a car accident , my aunt died, my middle daughter had surgery on you mouth, yet I landed a huge contract with a celebrity client. Really life, really? Yes that's life for you. You must learn when to mourn, when to laugh, and when to push through your pain to get to the other side of joy. The joy I'm referring to is joy in Christ Jesus. A life with Him is Hell on earth. I opt out. I lived hell on earth for too long and will not give Satan another day to steal my joy. God has been too good to me to forget how amazing He truly is, even in the mist of my storms. Storms are hard, but I have learned how to find peace. Instead of complaining about the rain. Think about how much can grow from it. Plants grow, crops grow so we may have food, even you will grow. Trust God through your storm. Life is life.

RIP Leah O'Brien
Life is nothing without love. Love your family, love your friends, love to help others, and love you. You can do all this through Christ Jesus. I'm so blessed to have friends and family that love me. Losing my friend Leah hurts, but the memories are countless. Good friends know all of your stories, best friends were there.


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